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Insert break into a random sequence of stimuli from an external list

Hello everybody.

I have a problem with my experiment as I have to insert an automatic break after half of the stimuli.

So there is the practice loop, and then the main loop in which I have a list of stimuli taken from an external source, but just in the middle of them (they are 96) I need an automatic break with a blank screen within just the word "break". I would like to let the participant press "space" from the keyboard to start again.

Can you help me? 

I didn't know what kind of screenshot I would have taken from my experiment, so I put a general one waiting for advice.

Thank you!


  • Hi, add a sketchpad with pause in it in the sequence and set its run if value to [trial_no]=48

    * of course trial_no has to be the variable that keeps track of the trial number.


  • @eduard

    No sorry I did not understand, what do you mean for "has to be the variable that keeps track of the trial number"?

    Because I have a list of stimuli inserted with this formula:  File[=var.subject_nr % 2+1]_stimuli.csv

  • If you check the log file you will see variables that start with "count_" and end with the item name that you gave them in the overview area. For example, "count_fIxation_sequence". These variables keep track of how often an item was called, and are therefore sort of what a trial number would be. In other words, if you show the sketchpads 96 times, the count will run from 0 to 95, across all repetitions.

    Use one of these variables in the run if field the same way I mentioned above and you should be able to get your pause.

    Good luck.

  • It doesn't work :(

    Apparently, in my experiment there is "count_target" that should track the number of items. I tried to insert the run if in the break as


    but it didn't work.

    I tried with several count_something, but nothing.

    Then, step back, at which level do i have to insert the pause?

    Now i have


    and the break is after the main loop, not into it, maybe this is the error?

  • Can you upload the experiment?


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