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Multiple Choice Form

edited September 2013 in OpenSesame

Mr. Sebastiaan could you please reply to my query about multiple choice forms. I had posted the question earlier but have received no response. I'll repeat the query for your convenience: I am using opensesame version 0.27 on Windows 8 OS. I need to use MCQs in my experiment. I used the MCQ plug-in to do the same. The experiment is built in opensesame & runs fully, no issue. The problem is when i exit the software after running the exp, the data in the MCQ forms goes blank i.e. when i open thee experiment next time all the MCQ forms are blank. The data in the MCQ forms does not get saved. Every other part of the exp i.e. the instructions, samplers etc get saved, not the MCQs. I saved the data in the file pool, tried saving each MCQ separately, tried editing the script to include "save", to no avail.
Please help. I need to submit this experiment to the university as a part of my course & submission date is approaching.

P.S. I could use the earlier ver 0.26, but it doesn't run samplers & i need to use sounds in the experiment.

Awaiting response....
Thank You,


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