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Testing OpenSesame 3.3 and Rapunzel (a code editor for Python and R)

edited December 12 in OpenSesame

Development of the next major release of OpenSesame (3.3) is well underway. Notable among many exciting improvements is the addition of Rapunzel, a code editor for Python and R. Technically, Rapunzel is a set of extensions that turn OpenSesame into a full-fledged code editor. But you can start it as a standalone application. Rapunzel is modern, clean, and offers all the features that you would expect from a modern code editor.

For installation instructions, visit

A screenshot of Rapunzel 0.3.1, showing the project-folder browser (left), the editor with code-cell support (center), the Python workspace browser (right), and a Jupyter IPython console (bottom).

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