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Manikin Task Implementation Open sesame


I'm implementing manikin task using reference:👉️👉️

So, I want to put video on canvas so that the image and the video are on the same screen. If anyone could help me with this problem please check it out once.

Thank u in advance!!


  • Hi,

    It's tricky to combine presentation of video and a static Canvas image. It's possible but would require substantial scripting, for example with OpenCV:

    So perhaps it's best to first consider a more pragmatic solution. Would it be an option to simply edit the videos such that they contain the image? That way you only have to show the video during the experiment.



  • Hey,

    It's showing error in downloading Open CV in python. Can you give the solution of showing 2 or 3 gifs or video stimuli in inline script.

    It would be great!!


  • Hi,

    You'll have to be more specific! How exactly have you tried to install OpenCV, and what kind of error do you get exactly?

    You first need to have installed OpenCV before you can use this to render videos! But here's an example of how to use OpenCV:



    PS. Please stop flagging your own discussions! We do our best to answer all questions, but as you can see the forum is very busy, so you'll sometimes need to have a little patience!

  • Hey,

    In debug window i tried to install OpenCV in following way--

    import pip

    followed by:

     pip.main(['install', 'opencv-python'])

    but its showing error-

    Also, i tried to upgrade pip but it's showing syntax error.

    PS: Apology for being impatient!!

    Thanks in advance.


  • Hi Dsyfaro,

    You need to run OpenSesame as administrator so that it can write to the program folder. For more information, see:



  • Thanks Sebastiaan !

    I got it and solved the issue.

    Also, i'm trying to implement manikin task in which one has to response according to the movements of man in that video. But problem is with the dimension of video i'm getting error. Uploading video in OpenCV.

    Example- This is the video.

    Please help me out with the same.

    Thank you in advance!


  • Hey Sebastiaan,

    Thank you so much my problem problem has been solved.

    Also, as i'm new to this open sesame world so basically learning to get more with this interesting platform by designing experiments.

    So, basically i encountered another problem that's in Psychomotor Vigilance test.

    reference from---

    As I'm creating clock in miliseconds (ms) on canvas so please help me out with same.

    Thanks in advance!


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