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Log keyboard response and reaction time in a loop of audio files

edited November 2019 in OpenSesame

Hello, everybody,

I have the following challenge. I already searched the forum for various solutions but found none. I created a loop in which audio files are linked.

See screenshot:

Two consecutive tones are played per pass. One high and one low tone. From time to time the tones are the same, then the respondent should press the key as fast as possible. I have selected the Space key. This also works great. The problem is recording the reaction time. Tried to solve the whole thing in various ways.

Try 1: I played the audio files through 2 samplers in a coroutine and created the keyboard response using an inline script. The problem seems to be the timeout. It stops until i press the key. If i put the timeout = 0 the reaction time wouldn't log.

Try 2. two coroutines one after the other with one sampler each. Also not possible to log the reaction time without keyboard input. 

i tryed to put the logger like here:

didn't work.

here my code:

and another one i tried:

Hope anybody can help me.

Tried to upload the experiment but it shows always error code 400 :(

Thank you very much!



  • Hi Mirko,

    I don't quite understand the problem that you have. Can you describe in more detail, what the problem is and to which point you want to calculate the response time? Are the sounds overlapping or perfectly separate?

    From the information I have so far, I don't think you need coroutines, but to be sure I'd need to know more.


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