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Dataset help

Hi all,

I'm still getting to grips with JASP and want to use it at work for some service stats. Can anyone help on how I should build my spreadsheet to import? I've tried a few ways and getting stuck!

Our service deals with several types of complaints/categories and so I want to have all the types of complaint/categories and then have number of complaints in a category per month over a 12 month period.

So in essence: Category of complaint>Number within that category>date/month

Any ideas?




  • Hi Ben,

    The easiest way is to import a .csv. So organize your spreadsheet in Excel or Calc or whatever spreadsheet editor you use, save as .csv, and import in JASP.



  • Hi EJ,

    Thanks for the reply. I thought that but I just wan't sure how to organise the data within the spreadsheet. I'll have an experiment with it and see what I can come up with.



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