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Log variables in idf-file of a SMI-Tracker?

Hello everyone,

is it possible to log variables of Opensesame in the idf-file of a SMI-Tracker?

I would like to log the timestamp of every trial, which Opensesame logs in the csv-file, the keyboard response and maybe the system time, but that would be a bonus.

It would be great to have them in the idf-file to compare and match them with the pygaze timeline.

I tried to log them via the pygaze_log plugin in Opensesame, but it didn't work. All these variables are just written to Opensesame's csv-file.




  • Hi Christian,

    As I answered in a different discussion, you can use inline scripts and use pygazes log_var function. I think this should write variables to the idf files. I have never tried it with an smi tracker, but I should work like that.


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