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Repeated Measures ANOVA Error

edited November 2019 in JASP & BayesFactor

I am trying to conduct a repeated measures ANOVA in JASP. I have one repeated measures factor (a biomarker that is continuous, collected before and after an intervention so the levels, or repeated measures cells, are baseline and post). I would like to add one covariate (age) and three between subjects factors (Group (1,2,3), Gender (M,F) and Education Level (BA, MA, D, Other) to my analysis. Unfortunately, I am getting the following error when I add more than two between subjects factors: "Some parameters are not estimable, most likely due to empty cells of the design" and the analysis won't run.

I don't have any missing data in those columns and my data set is in wide-form. I'm not sure what the problem is.


  • Just a guess: To me, the error seems to indicate that some combinations of experimental conditions do not occur at all (such as "group 1 - gender F - Education Level Other"), but the analysis seems to assume that all possible combinations are "not empty"?

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