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Playing a white sound along with a advanced delay

Hello everybody,

I am curently building an auditive oddball task whith open sesame. Due to the use of Fnirs for my experiment, I need to have an inter-stimulation interval with a certain jitter (8sec +- 3sec), while a white sound is playing in background.

Il managed to build the task with my stimulations and this delay between them, but I can't manage to play the white sound in the background at the same time, as the coroutines plugin doesn't support advanced delay plugin.

I was therefore wondering if there was another way to do it, or even to put the jitter directly in the white sound (generated with synth) parameters (and then use this instead of the delay plugin).

If you have any clue... :P

Many thanks for reading !


  • If you first define the delay (for example in an inline_script, like below), you can use this variable as duration in the synth item.

    import random
    var.jitter = 8000 + random.uniform(-3000,3000)

    Does that make sense?


  • It does work now :)

    Many thanks for your answer Eduard !

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