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Dear all,

I am a recent user of open sesame with limited programming skills. I am preparing the following experiment: in the study phase, participants see the faces of individuals of various ages; each phase is paired with a sentence; in a later test phase, participants will be shown with some faces presented in the study phase. Here is the problem: I would like to present each face with a "slider" bellow. The participant's task would be to move the slider to gradually make the face younger or older. They should stop when they believe that is the face they saw earlier. My question is then: does anyone has a similar task programmed that I could eventually adapt?

Thank you


Tomás Palma


  • Hi Tomas,

    Sorry for the late reply. If you browse the forum you will find many slider implementations (for example, here). How about you start with one of them, and once you get it work, you try to adjust it to your particular needs? If you get stuck, you can of course post here again.

    Good luck,


  • Hi Eduard,

    Thanks for the reply. I will follow your advise.



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