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problems setting the timeout. Help!

Hello everyone, I´m trying to set the timeout in a specific way but I dont know how, I need the timeout to be independen of the response, let me explain, I have two allowed responses in the experiment and I need that the time between each stimuli to be stable no matter the response, but the stimuli time changes if a response is given and I need it to change at 1500 milliseconds constantly. Any suggestions?


  • Hi AlexC98,

    Do you mean that the delay of 1500 ms is the duration between the beginning of the exposure of the user to a stimulus and the beginning of the exposure to the next one, or the delay between the end of the exposure of a stimulus and the beginning of the next one ?



  • Hi gerhono,

    1500ms is the duration between the beginning of the exposure of the user to a stimulus and the beginning of the exposure to the next one, or thats what I need, but the time changes if a response is given, and I need it to always be 1500ms no matter how fast the response is.



  • Hi Alex,

    Set the duration of the first sketchpad to 0, then add a keyboard response item set to 1500ms (it will terminate once a response has been given), then you can add a feedback item whose duration is set to 1500- response time and that shows the same information as the sketchpad before. Like so, it will always show the stimulus for the same duration.

    Does that make sense?


  • Hi Alex and Eduard,

    Building on Alex's response of December 4, I had the same idea but I found that it does not work in such a simple design. For instance, the feedback item does not accept that value. Going further, I tried a user variable for the delay. Roughly, it works, but the value of the delay must be corrected because it may become negative. A demo is attached.



  • Hi Eduard and Sebastiaan,

    I cannot download may attachment back (

    Is it possible or not to attach files in this forum ? What are the possibilities and the rules ?

    Thank you,


  • Hi Gerard,

    It should work, but it doesn't always. @sebastiaan might be able to provide you with more information on why this is.

    For now, maybe try a different file type?


  • Hi Gérard,

    There were some server issues that caused some of the attachments to be lost (including this one). Sorry about that! If you upload it again, it should be fine.



  • Hi Gérard and and Eduard,

    I have tried a lot of solutions to the problem, but I just cant find something that works. The closest I`ve come was to put the duration of the sketchpad to 1500, which makes the time stable betwen each stimuli, but the way it registers responses is somewhat off, I have to press the correct key two times to register the response correctly. Do you have anyother recomendations?. And Gérard with respect to the user variable, Im not sure how that works, would you mind to explain or uploading the demo again?

    Thank you,


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