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Issues with slicing a loop

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to slice a loop to start from a certain row in the table and run it to the end. Unfortunately, I'm not able to select the last row.

For instance, if I have a table with two rows:

trial stimulus
1 dog
2 cat

I can do

slice 0 1

This correctly gives me only 1 trial. However, when I do

slice 0 2

OpenSesame throws an error:

The experiment did not finish normally for the following reason:

Column 2 does not exist

The source code also seems to be correct, so I'm wondering if this is a bug in the datamatrix library.

Any ideas how to solve this better than by adding an extra row to my table? Thanks!


  • Hi Jelmer,

    Thanks for reporting this. It's indeed a bug in OpenSesame. I don't plan on releasing another 3.2 maintenance release, but this issue is now fixed in the development release of 3.3. You can download a prerelease package for Windows (and see installation instructions for other systems) here:



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