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Feedback - indicating remaining number of blocks

Hi, super new to Open Sesame--downloaded it yesterday and playing with the beginner tutorial. I do not have experience with Python.

Question. I would like, at the end of each block, to be able to insert in the feedback the number of the block that they have just finished and how many remain. However, since the blocks are set up in a loop, what coding would I need to use to accomplish this? (My final experiment does not record correct or incorrect responses, but rather responses to stimuli, so I will not be showing accuracy or response time.)

For visualization, an example feedback text:


You've just finished block [x]! There are [x] blocks remaining. Take a short break if you wish.

When you're ready to continue, click on "ok".


Any suggestions is super appreciated!




  • Hi Kate

    Variable [x]:

    In the feedback screen, where you mention variable [x], you should put the name of the variable that counts your stimuli. In OS, that variable should be named count_[insert_name_of_stimuli_sketchpad].

    (Note: for each sketchpad or other OS element you create, OS automatically creates a variables that is named count_[name], another that is time_[name], and usually a third that is response_[name]. These keep track of the order stimuli appear, the time (in ms) when they are displayed and the response given by the subject.)

    Alternatively, you can use an inline script and define your own variable:

    var.count = 0

    and then, after each stimuli insert an inline script where you increment this variable by 1:

    var.count += 1

    In this case, your [x] is "count".


    Variable [y]:

    In the feedback you mention, you put variable [x] twice. In fact, the second time you put [x], I don't think you actually want x. Instead, you want a variable that is total_number_of_blocks - x, let's name it y, the number of remaining blocks.

    As you figured out, to create this variable, you just need to subtract x from the total blocks a participant sees, and create a variable for that with the inline script, as shown above.

    Hope this helps!



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