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Feedback (through sketchpad) problem

So I'm trying to design an experiment where participants have a choice of 2 cards to choose from, [button1] and [button2]. Both cards have different values attached to them [buttonvalue1] and [buttonvalue2]. It's important that participants get to see the value of the card they have chosen, for example if they choose [button1] then [buttonvalue1] should appear. However, I have a problem right now where both buttonvalue sketchpads appear despite me using the show_if "[button1]" function.

I'm using a mousetrap form for the buttons and according to the variable manager the program is having no problem in identifying which button is being clicked and the value assigned to it. It just shows both values when I run the experiment! Please help!


  • Solved it! Just gonna post the solution in case anybody else needs it.

    It was actually very simple. I changed the show if function on the sketchpads for the feedback back to 'always' and then changed the run if function for sketchpads under their corresponding sequence to [button1] = no and [button1] = yes.

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