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Differential feedback in IAT

Dear all,

I am programming an IAT task and struggle with the differential feedback. In case participants react correct there should be a blank for 250ms. In case of an incorrect response, participants will be shown a red x and they should be able to correct the wrong response within 10secs. This correction responses and their timing should also be logged.

I tried a lot with the feedback items (i.e. allowing only negative feedback, but no positive once) but did not figure out how to get it work. Currentlydoes show nothing for 10sec in case of a correct response but it does not work differentially dependent of the actual accuracy of the trial. I guess the problem arises when logging the second correction response by adding the second keyboard response collection and the logger - any help if highly appreciated, thanks a lot in advance


  • Hi Mgade,

    Use [correct]=0 or [correct]=1 in the run if field of the feedback item in the sequence table and for all other items that are only shown in one of the two scenarios. To log all the responses, you should add an _inline_script after the first response was given and save under a different name, otherwise the second response (in case of error) will overwrite the first response. Once you did that, and properly show the items based on the response you can add a logger to the end of the sequences and everything should be recorded.

    If you get started and stuck, you can post your attempts here and we can check it out to help.


  • Dear Eduard,

    sorry for coming back to your reply so late - many thanks for it. My problem is that it is an online experiment and so far inline scripts are not supported by OSWeb. But I learnt a lot about logger items and how to use them sparsely which will benefit the code for further experiments - regards Miriam

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