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[solved] Debug window does not show anything?

edited September 2013 in OpenSesame

on one of our Thinkpads (but not on any of our Desktops, Macbooks or other Thinkpads), we have a weird problem with both .27.1 and .27.4-pre: nothing from the experiment itself reaches the debug window. No error message, no "print("hello world!") inline script ... This is independent of the experiment files, and the debug windows work on any other of our computers using the same scripts.
The debug window itself works (ie., if I just type "print("hello world") into the debug window manually, it behaves as expected), it just doesn't get anything from OpenSesame.

Any ideas?


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    Hi Jona,

    One thing that comes to mind is that the experiment is executed through opensesamerun.exe. This happens if you enable the option 'Run experiments in a separate process' under Tools → Preferences. Could that be it? (Even then it's not normal that you don't see any debugging output at all, but perhaps the messages are not properly pipelined from the one process to the other.)

    It could also be that something else goes wrong, in which case you should see a file called opensesame.exe.log that contains the full error message (on Windows) or an error message in the terminal (on Linux). And what kind of operating system are you running?


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    Hey Sebastiaan,

    1. unchecking "run in separate process" did the trick!

    2. the log is nothing but complaints about me assigning to variables before setting them global. (eh)

    3. This is on Windows 7 (the laptop Absurd had to wrestle hard to get triggers running on). We're stuck with Windows until we can come up with a better way to send EEG triggers ...


    Edit: unless you want to further pursue the issue, you may as well close this one, Sebastiaan.

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