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Possible to program video on tablet ?


We will test subjects to evaluate their time perception by comparing two different events.

We want to implement this test on a tablet so that subjects can test themselves at home.

Everyday during 20 days, each subject will watch 4 pairs of 2 videos of approximately 2min — so 8 videos per trials/day — , and will then respond 3 questions after each pair (which video is the longest, an estimation of the length of the last video, and a confidence judgment). Each question requires 2 or 4 buttons.

We have seen on your website that OpenSesame supports tablet android, but to what extent?

Would it be possible to program this type of experience?


  • Hi,

    We have seen on your website that OpenSesame supports tablet android, but to what extent?

    The Android runtime is no longer maintained, so I would not recommend running this (with OpenSesame) on an Android device. However, there are many excellent Windows tablets available nowadays that would be perfectly suitable for this kind of experiment. Because, yes, this kind of experiment can easily be implemented in OpenSesame!



  • Hi,

    Thank you very much for your answer.

    I'm working on a mac. We would like to run the experience on several windows tablets.

    Do we have to implement the experience on the mac and then run the experience on the different tablets or program the experience on each tablet? there will be no mac / windows compatibility problem?

    Thank you very much for your help and sorry for my English.


  • Hi Laurie,

    In principle you should be able to develop the experiment on a Mac and then run it on the Windows tablets without any issues. However, computers are computers, so please do check that everything works as expected!



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