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Difference Variable

Hey everyone,

Currently, I'm working on an exerpiment where participants should get a personalized feedback. The logic of the experiment is as following: there are three blocks with several trails. The first block is used as a baseline and the second block has to be compared to the first one in case of accuracy and response time, as well as the third has to be compared to the second again for accuracy and response time. I would like to show the comparison in %, like "compared to block 1 you response time increases/descreased ...%". I don't know is that is possible in OpenSesame and if it is, how to do it. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance. Best,



  • Hi Laura,

    In between blocks you can put inline_scripts, that save the accuracy variables in other variables. These backup variables you can then use to present as feedback after each block. I attach the default template with modifications as example (mods in Capslock).

    Good luck,


  • Hi Eduard,

    thank you for your response! I'll give it a try and let you know how it goes.



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