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How to have no repetitions in trial sequence by using the loop?

edited January 10 in OpenSesame


I want to create a go/no-go dual task in which the no-go condition comes only in 30% of trials. With the loop, I created a factorial design to my needs. But now my problem is, that I don't want to no-go trials (30% of trials) if the previous was already a no-go.

Is there any possiblity to access the loop to check for this?

Thanks in advance.


  • Hi Inga,

    I am not sure whether advanced loop operations could also do the trick, but I would opt for an inline_script that takes care of the creation of the trial_sequence. For example following script:

    import random
    # zero represents 70% go, 1 represents 30% nogo
    all_trials = [0]*70 + [1]*30
    while True:
        # variable that decides whether the while loop will be terminated or not
        break_loop = 1
        for idx in range(1,len(all_trials)-1):
            # if the sum of two consecutive trials is 0, that means 2 nogos after each other
            if all_trials[idx]+all_trials[idx-1] == 0:
                break_loop = 0
         if break_loop:

    Does that help?


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