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Problem with coroutine?

Dear Opensesame community,

I think I am facing several problems with the coroutine and I'd be grateful for your help.

Hereby attached a very simple experiment of a square presented for 250 ms and then a blank screen for a total coroutine time of 1700 ms. Please find attached also results.

In the attached results, I didn't press any button after pressing "space" for the welcome sketchpad. Nevertheless, the first response (of the welcome slide) has recorded as a response (and so its response time) even though previous presses suppose to be flushed. In addition, response times are still recorded even though no presses have occurred within the coroutine. These response times even has some variance.

When analyzing, these results might be a serious confound and I wonder how can I avoid them.

Thank you in advance,



  • HI SH,

    This variance is due to small variations in refresh rate, should be random are the variance is really small. So, I don't think you should worry about it. The fact that a response is recorded is first place is a bit weird. That is true. It basically suggests, that the response time is set to the actual response time, or to the response item timeout. Nevertheless, certainly not optimal, but if a response is higher than 1700-16 (or whatever the duration of one frame is), you can consider this trial to be left without a response, and maybe even manually overwrite the value with None either life in the experiment or later during the analysis (recommended).

    Best of luck,


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