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creating a specific expiriment scale

edited January 14 in OpenSesame

hi i would love for some help..

i want to create an expiriment with this scale:

but i dont know how to add this to my expiriment.. is there a code to create a scale like this? with a dot?

thnak you



  • Hi Adi,

    There are a number of slider implementations on the forum. If you browse a little you will certainly find something that will help you. I would probably opt for showing everything as an image, and just present a circle on top of it, depending on the current mouse position (or key presses), to indicate the user's response. So, the static background can be made only once, and only the current slider position would then have to vary with the response. Does that make sense?

    See for a general example of sliders here:


  • hi eduard thank you!

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