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Continuation even if there is no keypress?

Hello everyone,

I have created an experiment with OpenSesame, in which the participants have to react to auditory stimuli by pressing a key. I have set the duration of the SAMPLER item to 'keypress'. However, the participants have been instructed to not press the key on certain occassions. Given the fact that the experiment will not continue if no key is pressed, I was wondering how would it be possible a 'None' response to be also allowed.

Thanks in advance for every help.



  • Hi KOST,

    You are describing a basic Go No-go task if I am correct. I would set the duration of the sampler to 0 (or 'sound') and then immediately follow it with a keyboard_response item. Here you can set the timeout to a value in ms for the time that you want to give the participants to respond. If they respond that will be registered as a response (with RT, correct and response key/button values), and if they don't the response will be None. You will have to figure out in what conditions which responses were correct during the analysis though (e.g. no keypress during no-go is correct, but a keypress during go is also correct).

    I hope this helps.

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