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Setting the value for the correct var according to cursor_roi [Cats, dogs, and capybaras Tutorial]


I am implementing the "Cats, dogs, and capybaras" task (

I would like to define the correct variable, according to whether or not the click was on the correct region of interest. So, I am using an inline script at the beginning of the trial sequence (I also tried to move it after the mouse response item):

if var.cursor_roi == var.animal:

var.correct = 1


var.correct = 0

I am getting the following error message: "The variable 'cursor_roi' does not exist. Tip: Use the variable inspector (Ctrl+I) to see all variables."

I already used the cursor_roi variable in the feedback item (show if: [cursor_roi]=[animal]), and everything works fine.

What am I doing wrong with the script?

Thank you for your time,


(The .osexp file is here:


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