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Parallel presentation of random images and a videofile


I' m programming a short task. I have to present 12 images in random order each one for 5 seconds (1 minute), and a video of 1 minute, both at the same time.

I have tried to do this with an inline script, as the media player plugin does not seem to support a parallel presentation (image-video). Specifically, I used Psychopy functions as visual.MovieStim3 | visualImageStim.

I have attached an image that shows the code I made for now. It presents the 12 images in random order succesfully. But, although it also shows the video at the same time, it does it very very slowly (almost unnoticeable, I can hear the sound in normal velocity) .

Sorry, I'm very naive in programming, and I have never made a parallel presentation of stimuli.

Any help would be really appreciated.

Thank you very much!





  • Hi Kyrie,

    This is very difficult to do and sadly not possible in OpenSesame, sorry. This would require fundamental changes to the way OpenSesame currently works yet (e.g. regarding its render and event loop), which we are not ready to work on yet. I hope you find a way to realise your experiment!

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