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presenting multiple stimuli parallelly

I would like to present three images as choices , when the participant clicks on one of the pictures with mouse it should lead to another sketchpad with few more images which can be also be clicked on to know more. e.g say for example, three images of different restaurants are presented, by clicking one of the restaurant it leads to sketch pad with images of its three signature dish and which can be further clicked to reveal its recipes. Is this idea implementable in open sesame. if yes,then how?


  • Hi Ram. Yes it is, check out the documentation on coroutines:

  • @Daniel I have couple of doubts.

    1.Is there any example experiment on git-hub on how to implement co routines?

    2. And also i would like to define correct mouse response based on which stimuli they click and the subsequent images which will be presented depends on which stimuli was clicked? E.g corresponding menu for the clicked restaurant among the other should be presented.

  • Hi Ram,

    There are quite a few questions on co-routines on the forum. Some of which have working examples in them. You can use that for inspiration. The documentation that Daniel shared should also help a little.

    However, rereading your first post, I dont think you need co-routines. Instead you just want to present three stimuli on the same canvas, which you can easily do. Check the beginner's tutorial how to do it. Basically, it is dragging the images onto a sketchpad to wherever you want them.

    To get this picture specific behaviour you should check out the mousetrap plugin, it links objects on a sketchpad to a certain response which can then be used to trigger follow up actions:


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