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Sampler repeating in Loop

Hi All,

I am building a Stroop experiment (words) where during the trial the participant has to listen to some music (to test its effects on Stroop performance), I have built the experiment and all is working as expected, except one thing:

I have the following

Loop - sequence - sampler (sound file .ogg) - fixation point - sketchpad - keyboard response - logger - inline script (which stops the music once all trials are complete). The problem is, because the 'sampler' is in a 'sequence', after every stimulus (word + keyboard press) the music is repeating itself and gets all scrambled.

I just want the music to play once continuously during the trials, and then end, (the end section works fine), I just cant figure out to stop the music repeating itself during the loop of trials.

Help, I am so close to finishing this experiment, just need to nail this final bit.




  • Hi Paul,

    do you mean the music from the last trial keeps playing while the next one starts? Or do you manage to end it correctly (like you state). I don't understand the question maybe, or how the sound becomes scrambled (except for multiple samples playing concurrently). Can you otherwise upload the experiment here?

  • Hi Daniel,

    During a Trial a participant will see about 80 words appearing and they have to press a 'key' to identify its correct colour. During this trial i want the participant to listen to some music to tests its effects, however, after every key press, the music keeps repeating itself as its in a loop.

    My experiment has 3 conditions (3x2 design)

    No music

    Jazz music

    Rap music

    DV = Reaction times



  • trying to upload experiment but getting a status code 400 error

  • Hi Paul,

    Without having seen your experiment, I think, the solution could be to start playing the music before you enter the loop that presents the words. Like that, the music is only started once, and plays until the block is over.

    trying to upload experiment but getting a status code 400 error

    Yes, we have some issues with the server lately. If you can't upload it directly, you could use some filehosting service (wetransfer, filedropper, etc)


  • do you have an e-mail address i can dropbox to ?

  • My three conditions (loops) sit within an 'experimental block', as i want each condition to be in random order (counterbalance). I cant figure out how to insert a sample into a block but before the sequence starts, when i do this it just kicks the sequence out of the block.


  • You can PM here in the forum.

  • Hi,

    I upload a file that shows an example block for one genre. So in a sequence, you can have multiple items. Start with the playback (duration =0!) and then add a sequence for all the stroop trials that you want to show.

    Does that make sense?


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