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Sending triggers to PyCorder by means of LabJack

Hey folks,

I'm wondering if anyone has tried to use a LabJack (U3 in our case) to send trigger codes to PyCorder?

The code that I have to crib off of provides no explanation of what it's doing, but essentially...

At the beginning, I have an inline script which imports & inits the labjack:

import u3

labjack = u3.U3()



That works fine, no errors thrown (I have try/excepts inserted that would tell me otherwise)

Later on, after presenting some stimuli, I have an in-line script which attempts to send the trigger:

trigger = var.cue_trigger_value

trigger = [trigger, 0, 0]


labjack.getFeedback(u3.PortStateWrite(State = trigger))


print "failed to send trigger"

Again, no errors thrown, and none of my debug statements print.

But, in PyCorder, where I would normally see a lablled tic for every trigger sent, nothing appears...

Anybody here with experience with this kind of setup that could point out what I'm missing here?

Thanks in advance,



  • Hi Brett,

    That is pretty specific, and hard for us to diagnose without having the mentioned devices at our disposal. Have you tried creating a simple python script outside of OpenSesame to see if you can establish a basic connection to PyCorder? That way we eliminate OpenSesame being a factor in this problem, because maybe it's a simple connection problem. It could even be a firewall which is blocking the connection?

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