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Python crashed


I am currently using Open sesame 3.2.0 python 2.7.13.

I managed to create an experiment with a loop and a sequence with a first sketchpad with random duration presentation (thanks to an inline script and random function).

I have 2 problems:

  1. Sometimes (not always)when I start the experiment python crashes with this message "Python seems to have crashed. This should not happen. If Python crashes often, please report it on the OpenSesame forum."
  2. I want to create a variable : var.fix3_duration= 3500 -var.response_time_rep_cible_1 - var.fix1_duration but i can't make it happen because the variable "response_time_rep_cible_1" does not exist eventhough the response_time_rep_cible_1 is just before the sketchpad the inline script.

Can you maybe help resolving this issues?

Thank you!


  • Hi,

    The first problem is difficult to fix for several reasons. First, if python crashes, there is usually no informative error message, making debugging quite complicated. Second, the problem doesn't occur systematically. So, it is unlikely to be a simple programming error on your end. You can try to share the experiment with us and we can try to reproduce. Sometimes it also helps to reinstall, or start a new experimental file and make your experiment from scratch.

    The second issue probably relates to the prepare-run strategy of Opensesame (

    Basically, the response time is only available in the run phase (after a response was given), but you probably want to use it during the prepare phase, which won't work. If you move your script to the run phase it might work.

    Good luck,


  • Hello Eduard,

    thank you for your reply.

    I reinstalled and started a new experiment and still have the same problem.

    As for the second issue, I already wrote my script to the run phase and it still didnt work.



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