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One prime, several targets

Hello everyone,

I´m struggeling with a certain problem on OpenSesame: For my experiment on speech act recognition, I need to design an experiment in which every trial consists of ONE prime and SEVERAL target words:



3) Lexical decision (4 words after one another).

4) Control question

For my trial sequence, I used sketchpads, but now what the loop does is, to run the trial in the following order:


2)Fix dot

3)Lexical decision


2)Fix dot

3)Lexical decision

and so on... I´m really desperate because I only want the prime to be shown once at the start and than to be followed by four different targets.

Can anybody help me?


  • Hi,

    Try to make a separate loop for the third phase. So, something like this:

    Prime loop

    1) Prime

    2) fixdot

    3) Lexical loop

    a) first word

    b) second word ...

    4) Control

    Does that make sense?


  • Thank you very much for your quick reply, you helped me a lot!!! Just allow me one more question: Do I have to put a logger for every loop now or is one enough for the whole experiment? And where do I need to put it?

    Thanks a lot


  • Hi Letizia,

    All the logger does is writing one line to the logfile with all variables that exist at that point. Therefore, you should add the logger there, where a trial ends in your design, so that you capture every response. Does that make sense?


  • Thanks, I´ll follow your advice :)

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