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touch response

Hi all. I have prepared an experiment in which participants respond by clicking with the mouse on one of 16 squares presented on the screen. I used a sketchpad to present the squares and a linked mouse response to collect the response and roi information. It works perfectly on a pc with a mouse. But, when I transferred it to a a touchscreen pc and tried to respond by touch, I realize that it requires a double tap response. Is there a way to set it up so that I single tap equates with a mouse click? I tried replacing the mouse response item with a touch response item (although I don't understand what it does differently) but it didn't change anything. Any ideas?



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    Hi Marios,

    If my understanding is correct, it's up to operating system to decide how touches should be translated to mouse clicks (for programs, such as OpenSesame, that don't have dedicated touch-screen support). And this can differ. For example, hold-and-release may become a right click, and double-tap may become a left click. Or something else. You cannot configure this in OpenSesame, but perhaps it's something you can change in the windows settings, or the settings of the touch-screen driver?



    PS. The touch_response item uses the same kind of response collection as the mouse_response , it just recodes the response for convenience.

  • Oh that seems quite an important issue. Which operating system were you using?

  • Thanks Sebastiaan. I would look into Windows and see whether I can change this. Jensk, I'm using Windows 10.


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