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Newbie, count question

Hello everyone, I just started using Open Sesame yesterday (so I'm really new). I would like to break my loop after 10 rounds, so I know I have to use something like break if [count more than 9]. But how do I create the variable and where do I put it? Thank you very much!


  • Hi,

    There are two ways to do that. The first would be to simply set the repeat value of the loop to some value < 1 so that only a selection of cycles are executed. The second would be to use a break-if statement to stop when the counter of the trial sequence has reached a certain value. Let's say that the trial sequence is simply called trial_sequence, then the following break-if statement would stop after 10 iterations (because we start counting at 0):

    [count_trial_sequence] = 9

    Because the variable count_trial_sequence is not defined initially, you need to uncheck the 'Evaluate on first cycle' option.



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