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[open] Inconsistent word spacing in multi-line text

edited October 2013 in OpenSesame

Dear Opensesame,

I tried to display two blocks of multi-line text in different font sizes.

I tried using two textline objects on a sketchpad, or using two canvas.text. They can be displayed in different font sizes. However, the first spaces on the 2nd line and onwards were always larger than a letter space. Is this a bug or normal? I've uploaded a picture (using canvas.text) to give you an idea.


The word spacing seemed to be only consistent in text_display object but I do not know how to manipulate the font size of text within text_display. I tried using "span /span" but it did not work with multiple lines.

Any suggestions?

Many thanks,


  • edited October 2013

    Hi Beau,

    Indeed, this is a bug, due to line wrapping (issue). Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

    For now, what you can do to work around this issue is manually insert line breaks where they should be, like so:

    This is the second block of text which I<br />
    want to be presented in a large font<br />
    and in bold text maybe.

    This is a bit of a hassle, but it should prevent the double spaces.

    See also:


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