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[solved] Portable win32: Unable to change theme in

edited November 2013 in Miscellaneous


Midas from TPFC here -- please check for more info.

While using the 'portable' QuiEdit under Windows XP Pro SP3, I have been unable to completely change the interface theme colors: to that effect, I tried editing the 'system-default.theme' file inside the 'resources' folder.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Whatever follows, let me just thank you for your great work and generosity towards the Internet at large.



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    Hi Midas,

    system-default is kind of a dummy theme that adopts the native theme of your operating system (well, it will try anyway). If you select a different theme (via preferences, Ctrl+Shift+P), you should be able to edit the colors etc. Or simply copy the theme file, give it a new name, and create a new theme for yourself.


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    Hi there, Sebastiaan, and thanks for your swift answer.

    Got it! After editing the Wordperfect-52.theme and deleting .quiedit-saved-content, QuiEdit is now working as desired.

    May I suggest a future release to accomodate native Windows portability -- as detailed in TPFC, for example?

    Thanks yet again,


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