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[solved] .opensesame file + file pool folder VS .tar.gz

edited February 2012 in OpenSesame

Hi Sebastian,

Is it possible to keep an experiment in a pool folder + .opensesame file as opposed to a tar.gz archive?
I think saving it like that does not work at the moment.
It would be helpful if you have large videos (compressing for tgz is slow every time I save) or when you edit an external script in the file pool with another editor.


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    Hi Kirill,

    Yes, OpenSesame uses the following logic to find a file:

    • First, look in the file pool
    • ... if it's not there, look in the folder of the experiment file (if any)
    • .. else, assume that a full path has been specified.

    So you should be able to use files that are in the folder were you're experiment is saved. Alternatively, you can specify full paths, like so (example from a sketchpad):

    draw image 0 0 "/home/sebastiaan/Downloads/picture.jpg" scale=1 center=1 show_if="always"

    I haven't tested this very thoroughly though! And there may be some differences between platforms.

    (This is actually handled by quite a simple function, called get_file(). You can browse the OpenSesame code here.)


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    Hi Sebastian,

    I placed the pool files in the same directory and now it works fine! Thanks :)


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