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[solved] opensesamerun & media_player plugin

edited February 2012 in OpenSesame

Hi Sebastian,

when running through the OpenSesame GUI my experiment works fine, but when I try to run it GUI-less through command line, I get an error that "media_player" plugin is not found for your system (I'm using WinXP).

Can you take a look please.



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    Hi Kirill,

    I just tried running an experiment that uses the media_player with opensesamerun.exe and it worked for me. Could you perhaps give some more details on how exactly you call opensesamerun.exe? E.g., do you specify command line options to run the experiment directly? Do you run it from a terminal or by double clicking in explorer? Etc.


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    I run it from the command line directly with full path specified like this:

    "C:\Program Files\OpenSesame\opensesamerun.exe" "\psf\Home\Desktop\sc_project\experiment\experiment.opensesame" -f

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    I must add that when I run the opensesamerun GUI and Browse... there, it works fine.
    I was just hoping to avoid using the GUI with a desktop icon or batch file (to launch the experiment directly)

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    Ah right, I think I found the problem. The working directory isn't properly changed by opensesamerun.exe. I filed a bug on this:

    A workaround would be (I think — haven't tested it) to change the working directory yourself. You could, for example, create a batch file (my_experiment.bat or something) with the following contents:

    cd "C:\Program Files\OpenSesame\"
    opensesamerun.exe "\psf\Home\Desktop\sc_project\experiment\experiment.opensesame" -f

    Let me know if this works for you!

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    Thanks, Sebastian, this works :)

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