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Participant moving objects during eye-tracking (e-prime)

edited April 2014 in Miscellaneous


I'd like to design an experiment where participants move objects following instructions like "Put the book on the table." Our lab has SMI RED 250 eye-tracker and e-prime is the experiment platform. I am wondering if graphic user interface is enough or scripting is necessary. If it is the latter case, I would also like to know where to find a tutorial or sample codes.

Thank you,


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    Hi Hyunah,

    I'm not quite sure if you will find any E-Prime users here. You might want to try the Google Group, or the PST forum.

    In general: I'm sure you will have to do some scripting, as E-Prime's GUI is too limited for user-interactions as the one you propose (moving stimuli on the screen). The same goes for OpenSesame, by the way. I do not know of any E-Prime tutorials, but I do know of OpenSesame ones, which you can find here. There is even a tutorial that goes into inline scripting and eye tracking (this one).

    Good luck!

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