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[solved] Trigger

edited January 2014 in OpenSesame

Dear Sebastian,

I'm working on my experiment in which I will show the visual stimuli towards subjects have to reach; I want to use the motion tracker to have kinematics information. I need to send a signal to the parallel port in order to synchronise
OpenSesame with motion tracker program.

I read this issue about "Sending triggers via the parallel port for EEG/ ERP studies" in OpenSesame
Could I use that for my purpose?

About the [Step 3: Send a trigger], I inserted the inline_script in my sequence exactly after the point in which I need the trigger (basically the schetckpad for the presentation of stimulus)... is it correct?

Thank you,



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    Hi Frederica,

    Yes, it sounds like you got it all under control. If you insert the trigger script after the sketchpad (which is fine), make sure that the sketchpad has a duration of 0. Otherwise it will pause before sending the trigger.

    Good luck!


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