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Randomly playing wav. files from the file pool.

edited February 2017 in OpenSesame

I'm new to both python and opensesame. So, my struggle is briefly as follows;

  • I need to play 90 different audio files for each participant. (These audio files are one second long, and they are in my file pool.)
  • Mouse clicking response must be received from the subject when each sound is played. (I have an inline code for a slider on the screen that participants should select a point on it and then click to respond.)
  • After that, a new response should be received by playing the next sound.
  • This loop must continue 90 times until all audio files are played randomly.
  • Also, the sound should play while the slider is on the screen, so I need to implement a code to my slider's inline script.

I'm waiting for your suggestions,


  • edited February 2017

    Hi ozgendk,

    I have a suggestion for the random sound play for you.
    Important: The sound files in your pool have to have the same name with an ongoing number
    Example: Sound_file_1, Sound_file_2,....., Sound_file_90

    Here is the code for that:

    i=1                                     #control variable
    sound_list = []                         #initialization
    while i <= 90:                              #90 sounds
        sound_list.append("Sound_file_"+ str(i) + ".wav")   #append the name of the current sound in a list
        i=i + 1                             
    j=1                                         #control variable
    while j <= 90:                                  #90 sounds
        #Sound play:
        sound = str(random.choice(sound_list))  #chose a random item of the list
        src = pool[sound]                       #get the path of that item from the pool
        my_sampler = sampler(src, volume=1) #initialize the sampler                   #play the sampler
    sound_list.remove(sound)                #remove chosen item of the list
        j = j + 1                               

    I hope this will help you a bit.

    For the parallel sound playing and the screen presentation (slider) take a look ate the "threading" module. Keep in mind to keep the slider function in the mainthread.

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