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Delete object

Hi Everybody,
i would know if it is possible to delete an object (a picture in my case) on a sketchpad (through an inline script) when we click at a specific coordinate. I know how to add one, but not delete.
Someone can help me ?


  • Hi Paul,
    There are two ways to do this.

    • in the view control mode you have select the arrow in the left menu, click on the picture and hit 'Delete' on your keyboard.
    • in the view script mode you can delete the command concerning your picture. This looks probably a bit like this:
      draw image center=1 file="yourpicture.jpg" scale=1 show_if=always x=0 y=0 z_index=0
  • Hi Paul,

    If you say "delete", do you mean to remove an item from the experiment? If so, then, Spanne's ideas will do.

    However, if you mean, to present them on the screen and then hide a subset of stimuli from the screen, you need to do something else.

    Probably, the best way to tackle that problem is to create two canvasses that are the same (you can use canvas.copy()) or just have two sketchpads in which the second one includes only a subset of the stimuli of the first sketchpad. If you run your experiment, it will look like as if elements were removed from the screen.


  • Thanks for your answer, both of you ! I try with Eduard's solution and it works perfectly well.

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