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bayesian linear regression, what to report?

edited January 2018 in JASP & BayesFactor

Hi JASP team,
I have conducted several bayesian linear regressions and was looking for an example of how to report in manuscript. Are there any clear examples or guidelines available?


  • Hi Andrew,

    There is this paper:
    We are currently revamping the Bayesian linear regression, and a new release (a few weeks away) will present more cool options. So stay tuned.


  • Thanks,
    JASP is fantastic and getting better every new update.

  • Hi,
    I am currently trying to find my way with the 'revamped Bayesian linear regression' but struggling to find how to report a B-value for every predictor in my model. Can someone help?

  • For each predictor, you can look at the posterior inclusion probability. What we will add in the next version is also the prior inclusion probability (right now this is only shown in a plot); the inclusion BF is the ratio between the posterior inclusion odds and the prior inclusion odds.

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