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Break Loop Item


I wanted to break the Loop item after 3 min.

The startstartpoint is when the first stimulus in the Loop item appears.

I tried to write <self.time() == 30000> or with an experiment variable [x] == 30000 in the field of the Loop item but it doesn't work.


  • Sorry, this thread concerns opensesame.

  • Hi,

    I usually you use the procedure of initiatlizing a timer before entering a loop, on every iteration in the loop update the current duration of the block, and abort it once the limit is reached. Note that this won't necessarily abort the loop exactly at 3 Minutes. If the limit is reached during a trial, that trial will be finished first, before stopping the loop. If you have very long trial, you would probably need to do something slightly different.

    Attached a rudimentary experiment that does what you want.

    Good luck,

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