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form_text_input response times

Is it possible to get response times while using form_text_input? Currently, after running the experiment, when I open the log file, the response time for each item is the same number.


  • As far as I know that is not possible. What exactly do you need though? The time until the first key was pressed? Or the response times for all presses?


  • So, the participant is entering a number that is between 4 and 9 digits long. Could I get the time from when form_text_input starts to when the participant presses ENTER to continue?
    Thank you.

  • Oh, that should be possible. You just need the variables time_form_text_input and time_<item_after_text_input>, and subtract the first from the second on. These variables code when the text input appeared and when the item that followed appeared. The difference should be very close to the response time. However, I am not sure how accurate this method is. Still, if the exact response time is not critical, it should be fine to do it like that


  • Thank you very much!
    One last question, is there a way to measure from when form_text_input starts to when the participant first starts to respond (presses the first key), as well?

  • Hi Sarah,

    there might be one, but it would be quite hacky, and I am afraid also quite unreliable across trials. So with a lot of jitter across trials. If you think that wouldn't be a problem for you, I could give it a go and see whether I could create something like that.


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