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increasing the number of variables in each sequence

I'm trying to make a working memory test with OpenSesame.
the goal is to present several letters and numbers to the participants and ask them to remind the letters.
I need to increase the number of letters in each sequence to make it more difficult. I also want to change the position of the letters and numbers in each sequence.

I don't know how to make this happen in just one loop and need your opinions.
Is it possible to have all of these variables in a loop?! does it require inline scripting?
I really appreciate your comments on this.
Thanks in advance :)


  • Hello Kian,

    So you want series like this?

    Trial 1: Letter -> Number --> Letter -> Number -> Letter
    Trial 2: Letter -> Number --> Letter -> Number -> Letter -> Number -> Letter
    Trial 3: Letter -> Number --> Letter -> Number -> Letter -> Number -> Letter -> Number -> Letter


  • Probably this can be done without inline_scripting too.
    But here is a way to do it with inline_scripting.

    space = keyboard(keylist = ['SPACE']) # your response on the keyboard
    list_num = range(10) # or [1,2,5,7,13]
    ALPHA = [] #create a list with all capital letters
    for i in range(65,91):
    #mix the lists
    from random import shuffle
    list_k = [2,4,6,8] #makes the proportion of letters and numbers
    for i in range(4):
        k =  list_k[i]
        present_list = ALPHA[1:(k)] + list_num[1:(10-k)]
        for ii in range(len(present_list)):
            Stim.text('Please remember if the following is a letter: '+str(present_list[ii])   )
            Resp, Resp_t = space.get_key()

    All the best

  • Hi @Sylvain ,
    Actually, I was thinking of having all the numbers and letters in one page spread.
    Thanks :)

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