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Extracting parameters of posterior to use as prior in next experiment

Quick question from a stats and JASP layman:

I've recently run two closely related experiments. In the first, I analyzed my data with Bayesian Independent Samples T-Tests and Bayesian ANCOVA with uninformative priors (to my knowledge, this was the first experiment in my topic). In analyzing the data from the second experiment, I'd like to use the same analyses but with informative priors. Specifically, I'd like to use the posteriors form the first study as the priors in the second. How can I extract the parameters describing the first posteriors in JASP so that I can input them as priors in the second study (i.e., Cauchy location and scale for the T-tests, and r scale fixed effects, r scale random effects, and r scale covariates for the ANCOVA)?

Many thanks for any help you're able to provide!


  • Dear RBJ,

    Thanks for your question. If you go to my website and search for "replication Bayes factor" you should find the initial Verhagen & Wagenmakers paper, and the recent Ly et al. follow-up. These indicate what you can do to accomplish your goal.


  • Perfect, E.J. Thank you so much. I really appreciate it.

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