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picture not shown on mac (but in windows)

I want to use several notebooks for an experiment. Therefore it should work on mac and on windows.
However, one picture is not shown on mac. And i have no clue why.

Here the problematic code:

for iii in range(60): #practice is 60 times
    var.Counter = iii+1
    #make a break every 10 trials
    if iii!=0 and iii%10==0:
        Break1.text(str(iii)+'/60', y=-350)  #### THIS is the picture which is not shown on mac, on windows it works fine
        clock. sleep (5000) #mind that i had to set a _ space for the forum ;-)
        Break1.text(str(iii)+'/60', y=-350, color="white")
        key, time = leer.get_key()
    #trial start
    if var.subject_nr%3 ==0:  #set action mode
    elif var.subject_nr%3 !=0:

On Windows it shows Break1, requests 5 sec break, and then it shows Break2.
On Mac it remains with the previous picture (from TRIALhalf2) and requestes 5 sec break, and then shows Break2 directly. Hence the sleeper sets in, but the picture Break1 is not shown.

My Ideas:
1. Has to do with changing the picture beforehand, and adding feedback text. But why?
2. Has to do with the end of TRIALhalf2? But why? Anyway i will put the code for the definition too. So you can what is in it.

    def TRIALhalf2_IMA(): #2nd part of a trial
        #lift space, log time and key
        key_up, time_key_up = leer.get_key_release()
        #log stimulus presentation and response
        var.Resp = key_up  #log keyup SPACE
        var.Resp_t = time_key_up 
        var.Resp_RT = time_key_up - green_time 
        var.Resp_Num = 0
        #press 10 numbers, log time and key
        #press space, log time and key
        var.N_COR = 0
        for i in range(1): #only one response in IMA, but keep the code equal
            key, time=numbers.get_key()
            var.Stim_t= green_time
            var.Resp = key
            var.Resp_t = time
            var.Resp_Num = 11
            if key == 'space' :
                var.Resp_Cor = 1
            if key != 'space' :
                var.Resp_Cor = 0
            var.N_COR = var.N_COR + var.Resp_Cor
            if var.Resp_Num == 11:
                var.Resp_t_lastNum = time
                var.Resp_MT_lastNum = time - time_key_up
                var.Resp_MT = time - time_key_up
                var.N_CORR_withoutSPACE = None
                var.Resp_Perc_F = var.Resp_Cor*100
                var.Resp_RTMT = var.Resp_RT+var.Resp_MT 
        #give feedback about duration but not corrects
        FB = canvas()
        FB.text('Zeit:   ', font_size=24, x=-50, y=  50)
        FB.text(format(var.Resp_RTMT/float(1000),'.2f') + ' sec' , font_size=24, x=70, y=  50)
        clock. sleep (995) #no response fixed timeout #30 sec break = 29995
        FB.text('Zum Fortführen bitte Leer-Taste gedrückt halten' , font_size=18, x=250, y= 150)   
        key, time = leer.get_key()

Any other ideas? Ideas for workarounds appreciated.


  • Hi,

    This sounds very much like this Mac OS-specific issue, which has been fixed a while back in 3.1.7. Could that be it? Are you running an older version of OpenSesame?


    Thanked by 1DahmSF

    There's much bigger issues in the world, I know. But I first have to take care of the world I know.

  • Hi sebastiaan and @Daniel,

    It was the same issue: Two stimuli after each other with the first only having a clock. sleep
    The workaround with any kb.flush() before clock sleep helped!

    The issue occured with 3.2.5 Kafkaesque Koffka using an old Mac.

    You are doing great work!

  • Hi Stephan,

    Thanks for pointing this out. I re-opened the issue, and we'll take a closer look at why the problem still persists.


    There's much bigger issues in the world, I know. But I first have to take care of the world I know.

  • It happened on a macos high sierra Version10.13.6, MacBook Pro

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