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Running only one part of the experiment

Hi everyone,
I have made an experiment and it's quite long.
what should I do if I want to run only 1 section of the experiment?
I need to see how the last part looks, but I don't know how to skip the first parts instead of running the experiment from the beginning and wait to get where I want!

Thanks in advance :)


  • Hi Kian,

    that's exactly what i was asking for in the last comment in the wishlist :)

    What you can do at the moment:
    Probably you have a sequence item at the beginning. And probably it says: 'always'.
    Change it to 'never' for all items that you want to skip.
    Have in mind that you cannot skip those items where variables are stored which are needed in the part you want to test. ( in inline_scripts no problem with variables from Prepare phase, but with variables from Run phase)


  • @DahmSF
    Thanks a lot, Stephan.
    I was a good suggestion and I figured out that we can change the "Break if" in the loops to "always" and this skips the loop. and when we have several items in a sequence inside a loop, this is a faster way compared to changing all the items inside the sequence to "never".

    Thank you very much :)

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