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A query about interleaving trials rather than blocking trials on opensesame

Hello all,

Is it possible to interleave trials rather than blocking the trials in Opensesame? If so, how would one go about executing this function in Opensesame? An overview to why, I have a 2 x 4 experimental design (egocentric and allocentric perspective - taking) and and the perspective task ( no gaze, gaze and reach task). However, rather than blocking egocentric and allocentric in separate blocks, ideally I would like it to alternative between the egocentric and allocentric task in a peusdo- randomised. Therefore, alternating between the two task instructions, as one would require them to only adopt their perspective, whereas the other task instruction would require the participant to consider the actor's perspective, the aim is to increase engagement in the metallisation task, otherwise participants may simply be using strategies for the allocentric task, such as reversing it from their own perspective. I hope this was somewhat clear ad thank you in advance for any insight into the matter.

Kind regards,



  • Hi Joshua,

    You can accomplish this is many ways. Basically, you want to move your manipulation (allocentric vs. egocentric world view) from the block loop table to the trial loop table. The specific implementation depends to a great extent on your specific paradigm, though. So, I can't go into too much detail here.

    Good luck,

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