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JASP: cannot save PCA components to variables?

Hi, I am trying to accomplish a pretty basic thing, a PCA, in order to obtain components to then use for further analysis, but cannot seem to find a way to do so in JASP.

It is such a basic thing to do in experimental sciences that I feel this must be me missing an obvious big button somewhere..

Any help?



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    Hi Martin,

    you're right that this is a glaring omission! Despite its apparent completeness, JASP is still under development: saving output from analyses back into the dataset is something we are currently still working on!

    If you really want to do it for further analysis in JASP, you can work around this by computing the scores manually in excel: double click the dataset and excel should open, there create a new column which represents the first component. Then you can enter the RC scores from JASP in an array in the SUMPRODUCT function as below

    Upon saving, the column will be immediately available in JASP.

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  • Ah, wonderful thank you. I didn't know excel would open that way, very helpful functionality.

    Also, you are right, it does what it does very well, so I forget we are on version 0.9 and not 1.x, 2.x etc. :-)

    Keep developing it, I love it and plan to keep using it!



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