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Test chrashed in middle of execution

edited October 2018 in OpenSesame

Hello everyone,

I started an experiment on the Opencesame program.

I was able to start and implement the program. During implementation, the program stopped after a while.

Please find attached a picture which shows the error message and also the related project.

Can one of you have the same problem and help me with that?

I am grateful for any advice.

Best regards,



  • Hi Regina,

    This type of crash ('Python seems to have crashed') is very difficult to debug, because it's not related to a problem in your experiment per se. This happens when the Python interpreter crashes due to a bug in the underlying libraries. (Think of a normal crash as a webpage that doesn't show properly. Then this Python crash would be like the entire webbrowser crashing.)

    If this happens rarely then I would accept it as a fact of life. If it happens systematically you can try to figure out which part of the code triggers it, and then work around it.


  • Ok, Sebastiaan,

    thank you for your answer, I´ll do my best!


  • Hi regina,

    i just had the same problem.
    My experiment includes 4 equal sessions. In session 3, this happened almost at the end.

    It does not occur often. 'til now it happened in one of 20 cases. And i hope it will not occure anymore :smiley:
    Otherwise, i always have to figure out at which point the experiment was aborted. And then, quickly write a new experiment to start from this point againg.

  • It happened more often.
    Is it possible, that perhaps an older version of opensesame would better run?

    best regards, Regina

  • I found out that the last 3 button presses that were logged, where logged twice (two lines).
    It does not seem logical to me that a participant presses: 1,2,3,4,5,6,6,7,7,8,8 and then the program aborts :smiley:
    Seems more like a software/hardware problem. Maybe keylifts were logged. Or whatever...

  • Is it possible, that perhaps an older version of opensesame would better run?

    Yes, that's certainly possible. This type of crash generally happens in very specific circumstances, and changing the computer or the version of OpenSesame/ Python may resolve it. Would it be an option to use the Python-3-based package of OpenSesame?

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