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Undefinable Sound Variables

Hello People !
I am a total stranger to programming and I had no idea til I read this web-page about OpenSesame. I have a questions and I would be really happy if you guys could help me !

I have been producing an Experiment for my patients in the clinic. The Experiment is about the time perception of the patients. There are tones with different Durations ( 200ms, 400ms, 600ms, 800ms, 1000ms and 1200ms). The patients should reacht as "short" or "long" for the tones that they hear in the experiment. Through the tutorials on Youtube and hier on this web-page, I am be able to conduct the Experiment. But probably, I cannot define my variables properly , because when I want to examine my data form a Patient, there is nothing but a mess there. I looked everywhere , how one can define the variables from tones , but I couldnt find anything. Could you guys please but please help me about that?

Thanks alot
Guerhan :)


  • Hi Guerhan,

    It sounds like you're having trouble opening/ interpreting the log file, but you'll have to be a bit more specific! Could you attach an example data file here?


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